OfuscarPHP.com/en allows you to securely protect the intellectual property of your PHP codes through a complex obfuscation algorithm that makes your code completely illegible and impossible to understand, to prevent other people, who have FTP access, easily modify your php code or use it without your proper authorization.

Our Exclusive Obfuscation Algorithm, unique throughout the world, makes your PHP Code completely illegible and very very difficult to understand, changing the name of all the functions of your script, changing all existing variables to illegible formats replacing them with huge character strings of random letters and numbers, interspersing random nonsense variables, eliminating all kinds of comments from your php code (comments of paragraphs: / ** .. ** / and comments of lines // .. and ## ..), compacting the code, removing blanks, minimizing the size of the script and several other actions, leaving everything in a single straight line indecipherable, without using any encryption function.

Our Obfuscation system is extremely safe, you can try this service for free by just pasting down, in the blue box, any php code that you have ready to paste, you can even open and copy the following PHP script by doing click here, (in case you do not have a PHP code ready to paste)

With our PHP code obfuscation service, you can install your PHP scripts, with no worries, in any hosting that supports PHP, regardless of whether other people have access to that hosting through ftp, because the PHP file on the server would be obfuscated, and only you would have the original PHP files, so you will be the only one to be able to modify it whenever you need it and then obfuscate it again in our website.

Currently, PHP code theft is so common that one way to prevent someone from stealing your own PHP code after granting ftp access is by obfuscating your PHP code, which you can try completely FREE on this website. (If you want to add a higher level of protection to your obfuscated script, you can also encrypt it after having obfuscated it, at www.protegerphp.com/en)

(If you also want to Protect your .JS files and your JavaScript codes you can visit our site: www.protegerjavascript.com/en
or if you want to Protect the HTML Code of your Website, visit our HTML Protection site: www.protegerhtml.com/en)

Ingrese aquí el Código PHP que desea Ofuscar: (Ver ejemplo de un codigo PHP con comentarios)

Remove Carriage Returns (Enters)
Remove Empty Lines
Remove # Comments
Remove // Commnents
Remove /* */ Comments
Add Nonsense Variables
Obfuscate PHP code

If you want to try this service for free, you can enter the Free Trial password wich is: demo

(Note: The Free Trial Password: "demo" , only allows you to obfuscate a PHP Code of up to 500 characters, if you want to obfuscate PHP files with no characters restriction, you can buy a Password below)

NOTE: Since January, several modern browsers such as Google Chrome, refuse to display encrypted codes on the screen, the reason for this, is: unfortunately there are many malicious websites , online virus and Malware, which sadly also encrypt their malicious software in websites, for that reason, if you use the Chrome browser Most likely, when encrypting a code with our website, even though our system is 100% free of malicious codes, you will see an error message in your browser with a message similar to this: "ERROR: xxs auditor chrome" , which has been implemented by some modern browsers as a good measure to prevent the proliferation of malicious codes.

To NOT have this problem when using our website and to protect your codes without any problem, we recommend to protect your codes without the Chrome browser and open our website with another browser such as: FireFox (version 64 or a lower version) or another web browser as: Opera, o disable your browser "XXS auditor" and that way you will be able to visualize and obtain your protected code without any problem or warnign message.

(The trial password, to try this service for free, is: demo)

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After entering your password above, the source code will be already obfuscated inside a text box, which you can copy to replace it in your original source code and upload it to your server. (Note: Before replacing any file on your site, you must generate a backup of your original files separately)

If you enter the free trial password (demo), our system will allow you to obfuscate a code with a maximum of up to 500 characters. Without adding any tracking system or malicious code as other "free" encryption systems do, we neither capture nor save any PHP code, nor do we offer the service of decrypting pages obfuscated by our system which makes our site, a completely safe and reliable site for our users, compared to the other "free" solutions available on the internet.

Another suggestion to make your PHP script, even more secure and indecipherable, would be: First obfuscate it on this page, and after having the code already obfuscated then encrypt it, using another website we have, available at: www.protegerphp.com/en ( but first you must obfuscate your PHP code here, then Encrypt it at www.protegerphp.com/en so that the protection of your code is as safe as possible)


If you want to Obfuscate your PHP codes without any restriction, you can buy a password to obfucate your PHP Scripts, which you will receive by email, in less than 24 hours, after paying by paypal, according to these indications:

We offer 3 types of passwords, which can be purchased online through Paypal or even with a VISA card or by paying in cash according to the instructions described below. The 3 types of passwords we offer are:

1. A Basic Password (one single usage) for USD $ 10 which will allow you to Obfuscate 1 PHP file, without any recurring cost. (ideal for encoding 1 single PHP script)

2. A Valid Password for 1 Month durability, for USD $ 30 which will allow you to unlimitedly Obfuscate all your PHP files for 1 month, without any recurring cost at the end of the month. (ideal for a webmaster).

3. A Valid Password for 1 Year durability, for USD $ 130 which will allow you to unlimitedly Obfuscate all your PHP files for 1 year, without any recurring cost at the end of the year. (ideal for PHP Developers).

Any of these purchased password allows you to code PHP codes without any alteration to the operation of your original PHP Script.

If you want to buy a password to protect your PHP codes, your purchased password will be sent to your email address in less than 24 hours after paying through your Paypal account.

To buy a password through Paypal, first read the notes located at the end of this page and then click on the type of password you want to buy:

* If you have problems paying with the links above, you can send your payment to our paypal address: alexander@sabro.net or through our PayPalMe Link: www.paypal.me/sabronet and later you can write to info@sabro.net to notify the payment made and in less than 24 hours we will send you the password you bought to your email address. (If you wish to pay with a VISA Credit Card or in cash by WesterUnion or Moneygram or with a deposit at the Industrial Bank of Guatemala or the G&TContinental Bank, you can write to info@sabro.net and in less than 24 hours we will let you know how to make your payment with the method of your choice)

** All PHP codes obfuscated with any of these three types of passwords remain obfuscated forever, the obfuscated codes never expires, the only thing that expires is the password required to continue obfuscating more PHP codes over time.

If you want to buy a valid password for 1 month or 1 year, paying in cash, without paypal and without credit card, either by paying Moneygram or Westerunion or by bank deposit in Banks of Guatemala, you can send an email to info@sabro.net indicating: 1. The type of file you want to protect (php_encription or php_obfuscation or html_encription or javascript_encription) 2. The type of password you want to buy (valid for 1 month or 1 year) and 3. Your city and country and the payment method that interests you from those already listed, and soon we will send you, to your email address the indications to buy your password. (This option does not apply for a basic password, only for passwords with 1 month or 1 year validation)

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1. Each password is only valid according to the type of password purchased, the Basic password only serves once and only serves to obfuscate 1 PHP script, the monthly password to obfuscate an unlimited number of PHP Scripts but only for 1 month validation, and the annual password, To obfuscate unlimited number of PHP Scripts for one year.
2. The purchase of your password through Paypal is completely safe and secure, and without any recurrent charge at the end of the month or at the end of the year. (The password will be sent to you by email in less than 24 hours, after you have completed your payment by paypal)
3. After purchasing your password through Paypal, you will receive it in an email with the subject "Purchased Password", if you do not see this email after 24 hours of making your payment, then check your SPAM tray.
4. Your purchase is 100% secure, however, we do Not offer Refund of Payments, therefore, before buying your password, we highly recommend doing first a free trial with the password: demo
5. Our code obfuscation uses a very very complex algorithm that makes the obfuscated code very difficult to decipher, preventing your code from being stolen by anyone, however we do not guarantee 100% that the protected code cannot be deobfuscated by any expert in cryptology.
6. Prices do not include tax, vat, or any type of taxes for any country.
7. PHP code obfuscation must no be done in very large files, or in php scripts that calls external libraries located on other servers because otherwise the encoding may not work, the obfusation of your PHP code can only be performed in a Full PHP script (from <?php to ?>) without externally combining other codes. With that beeing said, we do not guarantee the Obfuscation of PHP codes that do not follow this recommendations.

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